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Prince Phillip Moves Hospitals Amid Health Problems

Prince Phillip is being transferred to another specialized hospital in London to treat infections and a preexisting heart condition.

The husband of Queen Elizabeth ll, Prince Phillip, was moved from his hospital on Monday to get treatment of his unspecified infectious disease and keep an eye on a preexisting heart condition.

The 99-year-old was transported from King Edward VII's Hospital to Bartholomew's Hospital who specializes cardiac care.

In an announcement from Buckingham Palace, the Duke is said to remain in the hospital until the end of the week, although, he is comfortable and is responding to his treatments.

Phillip was feeling ill and taken to the hospital on Feb. 17 and has been in there since, making this his longest time inside a hospital to date.

At the time, officials said his sickness was not in relation to COVID-19 where he and the Queen are already vaccinated for.

During the thick of the pandemic, Prince Phillip was staying in Windsor Castle with the Queen. He has not made many encounters to the public eye since his retirement of royal duties in 2017. He has made multiple hospital visits since then including the car crash in 2019 that causes him to give up his driving license.

The Duke of Edinburgh will be turning triple digits in June, celebrating a century (100) on this earth!

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