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Details On “​Rutherford Falls” Season 2

Star Ed Helms and other cast members know about some exciting twists that viewers can look forward to.

Thursday June 16th season 2 of this Peacock Originals series will premiere and the cast is very excited to see certain reactions.

“Rutherford Falls” is a Peacock TV series starring Ed Helms from “The Office.” Season 1 showed Helms as title character Nathan Rutherford, the last in his town’s historical family. Throughout the series Helms’ character learns the truth of his past and has to face question surrounding his identity.

Throughout Nathan Rutherford’s journey of self discovery that spans into season 2, he has his friend Reagan Wells, played by Jana Schmieding, at his side.

“That, I think, is the anchor that allows him to flourish in season 2,” Ed Helms tells E! News, “while still making lots of stupid mistakes.”

Jana Schmieding says her character has a lot of plans this season as well, especially in regards to the Minishonka Cultural Center.

“She's trying to get her own land and she's experiencing success and love,” Schmieding comments, “She is sort of riding high this season, and it's a little terrifying because when you're in that position, that high position, there's only one way to go.”

According to Ed Helms though, this season can go in a lot of varying ways.

“There's some pretty serious twists and turns there that get handled alternately well in some instances,” Helms said, “and terribly in other instances.”

Overall, cast of “Rutherford Falls” talks about power positions and love situations with their characters as season 2 grows more tense and reflective.

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