Ryan Hurd Gives New Baby Update

Country music sensation Ryan Hurd is back with a new song!

A Radio Hit In The Making

Our Nashville correspondent Sam Alex connected via video chat with Ryan to discuss his latest single 'Every Other Memory'. When talking about releasing the new music, Ryan says he is ready to watch the single climb the charts:

"...This is the one for me that is so me as a songwriter but it's also like, is what I think is a radio hit."

Ryan's Journey To Fatherhood

Ryan's wife and fellow country music singer Maren Morris recently gave birth to their son, Hayes Andrew. When it comes to being a new dad, Ryan says he couldn't be more thrilled:

We're really excited, man. It's been awesome to watch Maren learn how to be a mom and it's been great to support her...It's a really exciting time to be at home."

Check out Ryan's new single 'Every Other Memory' out now!

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