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Safety is a heart-warming sports film, based on the true story of Clemson University safety, Ray Ray McElrathbey.

The inspiring true story of Ray Ray McElrathbey is the center of Disney's new film!

At just 20-years-old, McElrathbey saved his younger brother from the foster care system, while balancing his full-time schedule as a student-athlete.

Celebrity Page TV spoke to the star of the movie, Jay Reeves, who plays McElrathbey.
"Safety is about hope, family, love, courage, determination and some good ole football," Reeves said.

Hunter Sansone plays Daniel Morelli, one of Ray Ray's fellow teammates and dorm roommate.

"[Ray Ray] is a freshman football player at Clemson University [and] takes in his little brother, Fahmarr, to live with him while their mom enters an extended stay at a drug rehab facility," Sansone said.

The core values of the film centers around one thing: family. Safety highlights the family members you find along the way, even if they're not blood-related.

"The dopest thing to me while making this project is that the family wasn't just in your race. There's so much diversity in this movie. There's so much unity, which is something that we need in 2020," Reeves said.

"You make your own family. It's not always blood and it's a beautiful, touching story," Sansone said.

You can gather the family and stream Safety now on Disney+.

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