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Samira Wiley Slams Body-Shaming Photoshoots

Emmy-winning actress opens up about her struggle with body image after being diagnosed with diabetes at age twelve.

Best known for her roles in The Handmaid's Tale and Orange Is the New Black, Samira Wiley has recently partnered with One A Day's Gratitude Project, which encourages young people's self esteem by showing appreciation for their bodies and selves.

To promote her vision and the beliefs she holds dear, Wiley recently opened up in an interview where she discussed times she felt shamed for her body. The Emmy winner shared,

"I remember this one so vividly because feel like I have a healthy body image, and I was on the shoot and one of the outfits they put me in, was something that showed a bit of midriff. And honestly, I thought it was fine. But someone on the set was like, 'Oh, don't worry. We can fix that in post.'"

Wiley says that her healthy relationship with her body image helped her stay somewhat un-affected by it, but still, she feels disheartened by it.

"But this is what I have to deal with? I can't imagine what all of these young girls who are just looking at these magazines, and their perception is that this is reality and it's not."

The Gratitude Project will be a short documentary featuring real people and their stories about how they bettered themselves through healthy body image. It's set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in June this year. Wiley opened up about the project by sharing,

"I feel like this was really asking the question of what does it look like to be grateful, not just [by] using your words. And I was really interested in that. It seemed to be really in line with the lessons that I feel I've learned throughout my life, and to be able to learn from all the people that we're going to be featuring in the documentary as well [...] I'm just all about learning about that and about spreading this idea to anyone that it can touch."

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