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Paramount's new film The Lost City of D stars Sandra Bullock and is directed by brothers, Adam and Aaron Nee. It is rumored that Bullock may be re-teaming with Ryan Reynolds, who she was last seen starring in The Proposal with.

Possible Bullock and Reynolds Reunion

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

The Proposal

Bullock and Reynolds are famously known for their romantic comedy The Propsal (2009), where they co-stared as complete opposite co-workers who fake an engagement and end up falling for one another. This team is an iconic duo and we would love to see them reunite on the big screen.

The Lost City of D is in its earliest stages, with the first draft of the screenplay being completed by Oren Uziel and the most recent draft completed by Dana Fox. The idea and treatment was conjured up by Seth Gordon, who will also be producing.

This film will follow the life of a romance author who learns that one of the fictional places she writes about is actually real. Bullock and the lead character of her book will team up along a dangerous journey to find the unknown city.

Director Adam Nee Confirms New Film

Directors Adam and Aaron Nee

The Nee brothers are known for Band of Robbers (2015) and The Last Romantic (2006). Bullock's most recent work includes Bird Box and Ocean's 8, which premiered in 2018.

There is no official trailer or release date for the film at the moment.

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Little People, Big World


Kicking off this week's Reality Reel, TLC's Little People, Big World is preparing to say goodbye to its latest season and part of the family's past. The show, which follows the Roloffs as they upkeep their family farm while navigating life at four feet tall, has been airing since 2006.

Over fourteen years later, the family is wrapping up on season 21.

This ending of a season is especially bittersweet as the Roloffs are packing up to move and saying goodbye to the farm and family home.

Amy Rollof told us how hard it has been to make the adjustment.

"You sometimes don't think that you can get through it. And moving...I was like "where am I gonna go?" Like, my life is forever changing."

She went on to reveal the hardest part of it all...

"It's always been hard for me to watch my own show. To tell you the truth that is the hardest thing about doing this show for so many years."

Counting down to the season finale, Amy has been doing Instagram live sessions where she answers fans questions while sharing some favorite recipes. She currently runs her own shop called "Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen" where she sells home goods, kitchen supplies, apparel and more.

Amy Roloff, Instagram

You can catch the season finale of Little People, Big World October 27th on TLC.

Looking for something new to take up your TV time? TLC is ushering a new show that is sure to be full of interesting moments...

Check out this new series: I Love a Mama's Boy

The trailer is as awkward as it sounds. On this new show, viewers follow a few couples across the country who bud heads over who the most important woman is in a relationship. While the girlfriends are certain their priorities should come first, their boyfriends are convinced that mother knows best.

We talked to just one of the couples, Emily and Shekeb, ahead of the season premiere.

Explaining the situation, Emily said:

"I'm never, you know, prioritized in his life. You my eyes, I wanna be number one."

Shekeb gave his response:

"It's not so bad though. I'm trying to keep the balance."

We hope to see the two find some middle ground on the show!

I Love a Mama's Boy premiers October 35th on TLC.

Check out this week's Reality Reel!

Will you be watching either of these on TLC? Let us know!

Lily James on Starring in 'Rebecca'

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