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(Spoilers) 'Grey's Anatomy' Episode 4 Recap

Find out what happened in another one of Meredith's fever-dreams in last night's #GreysAnatomy episode:

(SPOILERS!) In episode four of Greys Anatomy's season 17, Meredith gets a visit from an old friend:

A Visit From George O'Malley

Back in a serene beach dream, Meredith calls out for someone in the lifeguard's seat. To our surprise, its George O'Malley, who died in season five after a bus accident. As the two walk on the beach, George tells her that he checks up on her and her kids sometimes. Although George brings up how Meredith, Alex, Cristina, and Izzie were cracking up at his funeral, Meredith tells him that she was:

"devastated. And then? I was OK. Even with Derek, eventually, you go on. And the kids? Would go on."

George disagreed, saying that some grief is heavier than others and when it came to his mother, she had a hard time with the grieving process. He explains:

"My mom didn't go on … Not really, not like she used to. Some grief is heavier than other grief. … I just want her to let it go. I want her to know I'm still me, even though she can't touch me; she can't see me. But I am still me."

George then asks Meredith if she still "dances it out" and he says that that is something he misses about being alive.

Jackson and Jo

In the episode, Jo hears some advice from Schmidt, that in the Netherlands during wartimes, people look to a friend with benefits. She goes on to have what she calls a "friendship reboot" with Jackson which ends up with them having sex on the couch. The two then set some boundaries, both agreeing that they are not looking for a relationship.

Koracick And His Positive COVID Tests

During a debriefing, we see Koracick join through Zoom because of his positive COVID test which he insists is a false positive. Later on, Taryn shows up at Koracick's place to administer another COVID test but he didn't want to let her in. She glances over to see his computer screen on and asks him what he's up to, to which he replies that he is trying to stop a pandemic. Taryn takes this info as if he is in dark place and in need of a friend. By the end of the episode, he starts to become more ill.

A Case of Diverticulitis Or Appendicitis?

Resident Mabel Tseng is disappointed to hear that one of Owen's patients has returned for what he diagnosed as appendicitis. She wants to remind him that diverticulitis is common in the Asian population. Nico explains this to Owen, who then steps back to ask himself is he is racist. Owen goes to Bailey for advice. She tells him that he might need to think about if he's looking at cases with a white lens sometimes.

A Touch Decision for Richard

Richard, who is now Meredith's power of attorney, is faced with another decision. In the episode, DeLuca and Teddy come across a drug in clinical trials, thought to help with the virus. Richard is unsure if he should give this to Meredith. We then see Richard sitting next to Meredith and George. Richard is stressing over consent forms for the clinical trial. George tells Meredith that if she stays with him on the beach, it could break Richard. Richard hears her from the hospital bed saying "I know, George." Richard has come to the decision to go through with the clinical trial.

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