Everybody's favorite high school drama is back for more! We sat down with the stars of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series to give us the inside scoop on the new season.

New cast member Andrew Barth Feldman shared his excitement about being on the show for season two:

"I was obsessed with the show... I basically begged to be on it."

And of course a new season means a new musical! Miss Jenn announced the students will be putting on a production of Beauty and the Best for their spring musical.

We also spoke with Kate Reinders (Miss Jenn) about what else her character will be up to this season:

"She is very excited for all her plans and everything that's going to happen, but then she does run into her ex boyfriend, played by Derek Hough, and uh, it sort of puts a wrench in things and adds another level of competition and confusion."

Derek Hough, best known for his professional dancing on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, added:

"Miss Jenn and Zack have history, um, both romantically and y'know, within the performing arts, and so there's immediately a rivalry."

Julia Lester, who plays Ashlyn, also hinted at us for some of her character's storyline this season:

"Season two is starting off really, really strong for Ashlyn and... I'm excited for fans to see her growth and also some new challenges she might face along the way."

See what the rest of the characters are up to on this season of HSMTMTS streaming now on Disney+!

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