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Entertainment Weekly shared exclusive first look photos at the new film The Doorman starring Ruby Rose in all her glory.

The Doorman follows Rose's character, Ali Gorski, who returns from combat to New York City and gets mixed up with a gang of thieves on a mission. Rose tells EW about the plot, saying:

"In the film, I play Ali, who is an ex-Marine who experienced a lot of trauma in her last job. She returns back to New York to work on healing herself and start a new chapter of her life, where she's offered a job as a doorman. She ends up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up witnessing a robbery taking place and she has to return to the roots of her training to try to outsmart a lot of very dangerous people."

Jean Reno in 'The Doorman'

Entertainment Weekly

The film also stars famed action star Jean Reno. She speaks about working with the legend, saying:

"Jean Reno plays the bad guy, brilliantly at that. He's such a talented and incredible human being, and just this incredible force to be around and to work alongside. He's so much fun to be around, he's nothing like any of these scarier characters he's played. He's actually really very warm, funny, and charming. I really adore him!"

'The Doorman'

​Entertainment Weekly 

Rose began filming The Doorman after suffering an injury on the Batwoman set eventually leading to her departure from that role, which will now be played by Javicia Leslie. Luckily, Rose was still able to perform stunts for the film. She spoke about the ease of performing stunts thanks to director Ryuhei Kitamura, saying:

"Ryuhei is incredible with the action scenes and so were our stunt coordinators," she explains. "I can easily say our action scenes in the film are on another level. We had so much fun shooting them, especially in all the different locations we got to play in. There's a mixture of martial arts, weapon training, and a lot of physical hand-to-hand combat."

No details about the release date have been announced yet, but these action packed photos and Rose's account of the epic stunts have fans excited about what is to come!

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