While virtually appearing on The Howard Stern Show last week, Seth Rogen spoke about the potential for a Pineapple Express sequel, Emmy nominations, and more.

Why A 'Pineapple Express'  Sequel Never Happened 

"We tried to make one. Thanks to the Sony hack, you can like actually find the email when Sony killed the movie. It was something we were very open to several years ago, but Sony was not that interested in it...I think we probably asked for too much money."

On Schitt's Creek Emmy Nomination

"Schitt's Creek is funny and it's a Canadian show and the fact that a Canadian t.v. show has broken through in America is truly unprecedented. It is absolutely remarkable and I couldn't be happier for those people. And Catherine O'Hara's on it and she's the funniest person on Earth."

On Being Asked to Fix the 'Dr. Doolittle' Script 

"It's a cushy position to be in. Stakes are low for you personally in that role, which is nice. But, also you want to help. I like movies and I like the actors in that movie and I don't want anyone to not be happy with a movie...I genuinely want to make things better if I can."

On Smoking Etiquette During COVID-19

On being asked if he would share a joint during these time, Rogen responded:

"Absolutely not. I don't know if anyone's sharing a joint in these times anytime soon....Until there's a vaccine, I'm not sharing joints with anybody."

On Playing Two Roles in New Movie 'An American Pickle'

"Playing two roles overall was something that literally took me years to decide whether or not it was a good idea because cinematically, there's a pretty dodgy history of actors playing two roles and comedically, there's a dodgy history of actors doing accents. The idea that made me think it was a good idea was this idea as a theme in the movie that you are your ancestors."

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