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On Tuesday, People Magazine announced their pick for Sexiest Man Alive 2021, and the internet was sent into a frenzy.

This year's pick for People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive is none other than Paul Rudd. From starring in 90s classics like Clueless to Hollywood blockbusters like Ant-Man, Paul Rudd has done it all. Now, the 52-year-old actor can add Sexiest Man Alive to his list of accomplishments. With the big announcement came big celebrity reactions.

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter to congratulate his Avengers: Endgame co-star on the title. The tweet was accompanied by a viral gif of the pair at Comic Con.

Seth Rogen

Fellow comedic actor Seth Rogen simply stated that he could not argue with People's choice.

Judd Apatow

Director Judd Apatow, however, seemed to be a bit conflicted. Rudd's frequent collaborator joked about having mixed feelings. The two worked together on Knocked Up, This Is 40, and more.

"Weird Al" Yankovic

Cult classic musician "Weird Al" Yankovic sent his love to the new Sexiest Man Alive recipient. Yankovic attached a photo of Rudd dressing up as him for Halloween.

Trixie Mattel

RuPaul's Drag Race legend and Paul Rudd fan Trixie Mattel joked that she was the one behind the decision to choose Rudd.

Josh Gad

Comedian Josh Gad humbly conceded the title of Sexiest Man Alive to Rudd.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, who was named Sexiest Man Alive back in 2010, heard the news on The Today Show Wednesday morning. Reynolds joked that "this opportunity will be wasted on him, like so many before him."

But the official announcement came from none other than Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night. The host 'auditioned' Rudd to make sure he was fit to wear the crown in a skit on The Late Show.

See People's full interview with Rudd here:

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