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Sherri Saum may be familiar from her extensive work in film and television, most recently on the Freeform series, Good Trouble, and The Fosters. Our #SeeHER spotlight is focusing on Sherri's philanthropic work in Africa with the non-profit organization, Kusewera.

When the pandemic hit, the entire world was thrown into a state of stasis as efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 were implemented putting life as we knew it on hold. People worldwide looked for outlets and creative ways to find beauty and humanity or advance themselves personally. As everything ground to a virtual halt, the negative impact on entire communities already at risk was magnified exponentially... creating a humanitarian crisis not seen in a lifetime. This was a call to action for people like Sherri Saum. As an actress with a platform to create change, Sherri has been active in supporting causes ranging from anti-bullying, to AIDS activism, Foster Care, and disaster relief among others. Sherri feels her own spirits lifted by giving of herself to help others.

"Whenever I'm feeling like a little down or a little like woe is me or just you know, frustrated in general, my instant go to cure is to be of service to somebody else."

Sherri took advantage of the downtime during the COVID shutdown to roll up her sleeves and travel to Malawi, Africa to work with the non-profit organization Kusewera. Part of the Kusewera Mission Statement is to uplift the community and empower one of their most precious resources, children, through education, sports, and active and creative play programs. For these children and many others in impoverished areas of the world, the impact of just being able to be a kid can give them hope for a bright future.

For more information about Kusewera, please visit

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