The Hulu series Shrill starring Aidy Bryant will come to an end after its third season. The streaming service released a trailer, a new poster, and a few images from upcoming episodes.

We left Annie (Aidy Bryant) in season two on her journey of finding herself and standing her ground. The trailer for the upcoming seemingly shows Annie feeling refreshed and renewed after her breakup with ex-boyfriend Ryan.

Other stars of the show include Lolly Adefope, Ian Owens, John Cameron Mitchell, E.R. Fightmaster and Patti Harrison.

Watch the brand new trailer here:

The Hulu description states:

"Everything finally seems to be falling into place for Annie—she's managed to dump her man-child boyfriend, catch the eye of a powerful new mentor, and snag some high-profile assignments—so why isn't everything clicking? Sometimes life's big challenge isn't getting what you want, it's knowing what you want."

Aidy also shared the season's new poster to Instagram on Tuesday:

The third season will include eight episodes, different from the first two seasons that only contained seven episodes. It will premiere on Hulu starting May 7.

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