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The Hulu comedy Shrill is back with brand new episodes. The cast & crew take us behind the scenes of the third and final season!

Behind The Scenes Of 'Shrill' 

Aidy Bryant's character Annie is looking for love after the big breakup at the end of season 2.... Will she find a real match before the end of the series?

Annie also finds new successes in her career despite past challenges with her boss, played by Tony winner John Cameron Mitchell, who said:

"They're reordering their lives in a more healthy way. My character is so narcissistic and Aidy's self hating at times, but there is a sense of we have a new way of working together, we're going to be more equal."

Apart from Shrill, Mitchell just signed to play Joe Exotic, a new series with SNL co-star Kate McKinnon. Mitchell shared:

"It's more of a deeper dive into their feelings and their backstories... I just really fell in love with it and didn't think I had anything in common with this guy, but I realized I do. He was queer, grew up at the same time I did in a part of the country that wasn't easy to be queer."

And the producers of Shrill hope fans will be satisfied with the ending of the show. Lindy West said:

"I really like where it ends up. It's not with her being rescued by a romantic relationship. It's her and her best friend keeping each other afloat."

Look for new episodes streaming now on Hulu!

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