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Simon Cowell has spoken out about his bike accident. After being rushed to the hospital last week, he has emerged with a broken arm in a yellow cast.

While stepping out for a stroll with his fiancée Lauren Silverman on Wednesday, the music mogul, 62, admitted he was "a bit of a nutter" and will "definitely wear a helmet next time."

Cowell told MailOnline,

"I'm OK. I'm feeling much better... It happened just around the corner."

This is not Cowell's first crash. In August 2020, he crashed a brand new e-bike, and as a result, broke his back in three places.

A workman, who has been renovating a nearby property and often sees Cowell, said:

"He nearly bumped into me the other day. You often see him racing about on his bike, although I must admit I haven't seen him on it for a few days. Now I know why."
"He dashes around the corner without stopping, and he's never wearing a helmet. 'The roads can get very busy around here, so he's taking a bit of a chance."

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