Sir Patrick Stewart


Sir Patrick Stewart has announced that he is currently writing a memoir about his remarkable life and extensive career.

Known for his award winning portrayal of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Genration, Sir Patrick Stewart has recently signed with Gallery Books, a division of Simon & Schuester, to write a memoir about his life.

Recently, Stewart has been gracing his Instagram followers by reading them a Shakespeare sonnet a day. Today, however, he took a slight detour to announce the exciting news before continuing on with his poetry reading.

In a press release, Stewart had this to say about the upcoming project:

"The idea of writing a memoir based on my life and career has been in my mind for several years, but always the demands of work have pushed it into the background. Today there are no demands, nor is there a prediction when there might be. I am caught in the middle of shooting a new series, 'Star Trek: Picard,' and I passionately want to see it through, but in the meantime ... what? Well, I have a beautiful study in our house in Los Angeles, sunny and peaceful. I am 80 in a little over two weeks' time. I have just treated myself to a gorgeous office chair. And ... I have the time. But most important, I am loving what I am doing, even though I never thought I would or could."

The memoir will focus on his diverse and extensive career as well as his upbringing in Yorkshire, England. No details about the book's title or release date have been revealed yet, but Stewart's diverse fan base can look forward to getting to know the actor in a deeper, more personal way.

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