Momiji Nishiya made history by winning the first gold medal in women's skateboarding in the Olympics at 13 years old. Accompanying her in the top three, the other winners were both teenagers as well.

Women in skateboarding had huge victories in their competition on Monday. The gold medal winner, Momiji Nishiya at 13 years old is from Japan, Rayssa Leal from Brazil won silver and is also 13, and Funa Nakayama from Japan as well is 16 years old. Nishiya is now one of the youngest athletes to ever win an Olympic gold medal.

As this is the first year of women's skateboarding in the Olympics, it has certainly set the standard for future competitions. Nishiya talked to reporters after the win,

"I'm simply very, very delighted. I am so happy."

The skateboarder was applauded online by many for her accomplishment, including the official Twitter account for the Tokyo Olympics,

Tune in on August 4th, the next time women's skateboarding will be on in the Olympics, for a chance to see the teens show off their talents.

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