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Last season, Saturday Night Live did the impossible. They found a way to produce new episodes, even while their entire cast and crew were separated and isolated in their homes. They also found a way to still be funny and poignant even in the midst of a pandemic, which was ravaging their hometown. Now, after months in quarantine, the show is returning to the studio with new, live episodes.

October 3rd Premiere Date

SNL just dropped this short, but powerful teaser video on social media. It shows their iconic studio 8H and the date of October 3rd! No details, just yet, on who will be hosting, who will be the musical guest, or how they will have their huge cast and crew together in one small space in the midst of COVID? But we trust (and hope) they have this all figured out.

This will be their first time producing a show in their studio, in over six months (March 7th was the last time)!

Colin Jost Is Staying

There had been rumors that co-head writer and Weekend Update co-anchor, Colin Jost, would be leaving the show. But earlier this summer he told Howard Stern, that being separated during Covid made him reevaluate his plans.

As for the rest of the cast, there haven't been any reports of big name departures. Deadline reports that Ego Nwodim has been bumped up to a main cast member, as opposed to a 'featuring' member.

30 Rock Is Busy Again

Just this week, Seth Meyers returned to 30 Rock, the same building where they shoot SNL. Before him, Jimmy Fallon also returned to the building. Both are doing their shows without studio audiences.

It remains to be seen how SNL will feel without anyone laughing in the studio. But at least we know from Jimmy and Seth, you can be inside that famous building, doing tv shows, and still keeping people healthy.

We can't wait for October 3rd!

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