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Saturday Night Live is still keeping things interesting after its third episode of Season 47. Over the past weekend, Academy-Award winner Rami Malek stole the spotlight as this episode's host, alongside musical guest Young Thug.

Promoting his new film No Time to Die, Rami's opening monologue joked about his natural affinity for playing serious and nefarious roles, as he does in the new 007 film. Malek grabbed audiences' attention from the get-go by satirizing society's lack of consideration from some of film's most renowned villains, referencing Frankenstein, Hannibal Lector, and even Scar from Lion King.

Malek closed out his monologue by touching upon his L.A. upbringing, and even better, joking about swapping out with his twin brother during certain sketches, in which he claimed the audience would 'never know which one'.

Kicking off the night with 'Bug Assembly', Daddy Long Legs, played by Bowen Yang, stole the stage from the other presenting bugs at a school assembly. After parading around in his eight-legged costume, Yang demanded that the school educators, played by Kenan Thompson and Heidi Gardner, 'call him daddy'. Yang made it clear that daddy long legs is hot, likes to party, and walks into the room greeted by automatic respect. 'Bug Assembly' started the show off with some big belly laughs.

Of course, SNL had to continue the laughter with a parody country song nodding to the culture craze that Squid Game started. Pete Davidson and Malek starred in a duet for this hysterical bit, nailing references to the show's gory structure and most memorable characters, with Davidson paying tribute to Seong Gi-Hun and Malek to Jang Deok-su.

Another standout skit from the night was 'Celeb School', hosted by everyone's favorite SNL game show host, Kenan Thompson, who this time was Bert Simpson. Nailing impressions of all the celebrities mimicked in the skit, Mikey Day took on John Oliver, Chloe Fineman as Jennifer Coolidge, James Austin Johnson as Adam Driver, Melissa Villasenor as Kristen Wiig, Bowen Yang as George Takei, Chris Redd as Lil Wayne, and best of all, Pete Davidson as Rami Malek and Rami Malek as Pete Davidson.

Young Thug: Tick Tock (Live) - SNL

Taking a break from all the laughs, Young Thug performed "Tik Tok", his first single off of his latest studio album. Young Thug took center-stage, wearing a shimmering pink leopard-print sweater and hot pink pants. Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink-182, accompanied Young Thug on stage and added some hardcore beats to the song's background.

Also performing "Love You More", Young Thug brought Gunna and Nate Ruess on stage with him and Barker. Young Thug switched things up a bit for this performance, changing into a very, very bright pink fuzzy coat and slowing down the tempo of his rap.

Going back to everyone's favorite SNL segment, Colin Jost and Michael Che of course returned for this Saturday's "Weekend Update". Topics for this update included criticisms for President Biden and Senator Manchin, Kyrie Irving's benching, 'sad girl Autumn', and the wildfires surrounding former President Reagan's ranch. For their special guest, Jost and Che brought on Bowen Yang as a 'proud gay' Oompa Loopa in response to the viral photos of Timothee Chalamet as Willy Wonka. Chris Redd also made an appearance to discuss the 'unimportant important' things in life.

Closing out the night with some more big laughs, SNL also added one more twist for the night. Daniel Craig joined alongside his No Time to Die costar for this final skit. Playing a couple on a date, Craig and Cecily Strong got to watch quite the interesting improv performance by Aristotle Athari and Malek.

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