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Calling all daytime fans! Soap Opera Digest editorial director Stephanie Sloane connected with us to talk about the most exciting soap opera headlines from this week.

Don Diamont Returns to 'Y&R' 

Don Diamont, who plays Bill on Bold and the Beautiful, will be doing double duty, heading back to Young and the Restless, where he played Brad for 20 years. But this time, he'll be playing his character from Bold and the Beautiful, Bill!

Don admitted to Sloane that he had a, "mixed reaction" coming back to Y&R, with the wounds of being cut from the cast after having been there for so many years still being fresh. But he said, "it was the best thing that ever happened to him, because he landed on Bold and Beautiful", per Sloane.

Diamont got excited about the crossover when he heard he'd be working with his friend, Peter Bergman, and that he'd "never say no" to another Y&R visit.

What Do Actors Admire About Their Characters?  

Soap Opera Digest sat down with some of your favorite Soap stars to talk about what they love about their characters!

"Young and Restless' Michelle Stafford said that she loves how Phyllis will protect her children and never give up on them. Bold and Beautiful's Katrina Bowden appreciates how giving and selfless her alter ego Flo is, and Days' Martha Madison loves how committed to her family Belle is."

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