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Soap Opera Digests's editorial director Stephanie Sloane is back with our Sonia Isabelle to share a casting change on The Young & The Restless and Jonathan Jackson's interview!

The Young & The Restless Casting and Jonathan Jackson's Interview 

There's a temporary casting change on The Young & The Restless. Michelle Morgan, who plays Amanda, unfortunately suffered an eye injury and had to be recast. Sloane tells us that Karla Mosley will take her place on the show:

"Karla tells us she was surprised to get the call, but happy to return to the CBS studio. Karla reached out to Michelle to discuss the short-term takeover, but decided not to try to emulate her, but to put her own spin on Amanda."

And Sloane has exciting news to share after her interview with five time Emmy winner Jonathan Jackson, who played Lucky in General Hospital.

"He tells us that when he left the show in 1999, he never closed the door on a possible return. Jonathan and his family have since relocated to Ireland, but in a fun twist so has Lucky."

Sloane adds:

"Jonathan says that he knows that with the travel restrictions and the distance from Los Angeles to Ireland a comeback may prove difficult but tells us he would never say never and the show will always be a huge part of his life."

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There's a lot happening in the world of daytime TV, so we connected with Soap Opera Digest editorial director Stephanie Sloane for the latest headlines.

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