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Catching up with the soaps world, Days of our Lives actor James Reynolds is about to make television history. This year marks 40 years on the show for the actor, qualifying him as one of the longest-standing recurring TV characters. Editorial Director of Soap Opera Digest Stephanie Sloane gave us the inside scoop into Reynold's monumental feat.

This isn't Reynolds' first time in the history books either. The actor already is dignified as television's longest running black character, so his new distinction of simply being the longest running character is just the cherry on top of the cake.

For the past four decades, Reynolds has starred as detective Abe Carver, a role for which he was awarded a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series back in 2018. Abe's character on the show has become an integral part in progressing the show's plot.

Stephanie Sloane had the opportunity to speak with Reynolds about his major accomplishment, which he said is both professionally and personally meaningful to him. Reynolds also noted how special it is for the show to continue running after 40 years, proving itself to still be have amassed and maintained a loyal fanbase.

Days of Our Lives also announced that it will be airing a special 40th Anniversary episode focusing on Abe's character as a way to honor Reynolds' time on the show. The episode is going to show Abe reconnecting with his late wife Lexie, who passed away almost ten years ago.

According to Sloane, James was 'blown away' by the episode's premise and absolutely loves it. He also told Sloane that he hopes he did the anniversary episode its justice. Tune into NBC's Days on Our Lives on October 25th to celebrate Reynolds' 40th year on air.

Sloane also gave us some more insight into what other exciting storylines are in store for soaps fans this week.

Kristen from Days will be making an astonishing return after being missing from the show for a month. In the episode, Kristen will also be reuniting with her daughter, Rachel.

Moving onto the Bold and the Beautiful, Shiela and Deacon will be sharing a kiss on-screen this week, which comes as an unwanted surprise for their respective children, Finn and Hope.

Lastly, on to the Young and the Restless, Abby will be gripping with the news that her husband, Chance, is to be presumed dead.

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