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Soap Opera Digest editorial director Stephanie Sloane joined with us for new exciting updates on soap stars.

Interview with Linda Dano

Sloane tells our Sonia Isabelle that Dano has just made her debut in Days of Our Lives as Vivian Alamain, a role that usually belongs to Louise Sorel.

"Louise lives in New York and couldn't make it to Los Angeles, so Linda stepped in but she is clear to say that she is just filling in for a friend."

Dano's overall experience has been incredibly positive on set.

"Linda had such a good time that if Louise is unavailable again she said she would consider a return."

Romance News 

But that's not all! Behind the cameras, there's some real-life romance going on.... An interview with general hospital's Kin Shriner and his girlfriend Trish shows us precisely that.

"Trish tells us that she's the more romantic of the two of them, but the cutest thing that Kin does is be sweet to her dogs because he is not an animal person."

And Valentine's Day seems to be an important date for Days of Our Lives's Paul Telfer and his wife Carmen, a broadway actress.

"He says that no matter where Carmen is performing, he tries to travel to her so they can have a romantic Valentine's Day dinner."

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