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The newest season of Special on Netflix is out today, and we teamed up with Ranker.com and their Watchworthy app to learn more about what we can expect in the newest installment along with some show recommendations.
Special is a groundbreaking show that follows the life of a Ryan, who has cerebral palsy, as he embraces his identity as a gay man. The Emmy nominated series is equal parts uplifting and relatable, but season two will be the last season in the show. As all episodes are now available, Ranker and Watchworthy have show suggestions as the series looks to be wrapped.


Looking to do some bonding? Check out the BDSM dark comedy Bonding on Netflix.


Ryan Murphy's show never disappoint and Hollywood is no exception. A miniseries set in post WWII LA, this show will have you wanting more.

The Bold Type 

Lastly, ​The Bold Type ​on Freeform follows three millennial that work at the nations's top publications.

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As a kid who grew up in Detroit in the 80's and 90's, John Salley is sports royalty to me! So when I got a chance to interview one of my boyhood idols about his newest acting role, I said ''yes" immediately.