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Michael Landon, Robin Williams, James Gandolfini, John Ritter, and Alan Thicke's lives will all be re-examined on a special night of Autopsy on Reelz.

Celebrity Page has a sneak peek at The Last Hours of Michael Landon which looks back at when the Little House on The Prairie star made the difficult decision to end his cancer treatments. Opting instead to live out his final days spending time with his family.

Dr. Cary Presant was treating Michael and tells Autopsy, "The last time I saw Michael was when we had results revealing progression of his cancer and I knew that the [treatment] was not working and Michael knew that it was not working."

Michael's co-star Karen Grassle empathizes with how the star lived out his final days, "You want to use whatever life you have left to be with the people you love."

Michael Landon died of Pancreatic Cancer at just 54 years old.

You can watch a special night of Autopsy: The Last Hours of... Monday, January 4th on Reelz.

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Celebrity Page TV

Celebrity Page TV

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