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On Monday night, the highly anticipated Marvel's Spider-Man: No Way Home premiered in Los Angeles and the cast looked absolutely marvelous.

Spider-Man's identity has now been revealed to the world and there seems to be no boundaries between normal life vs. superhero one.... This is the premise of the new upcoming Marvel movie Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Zendaya showed up wearing a dress right for the occasion: a spider web design that impressed fans all over the world. Tom Holland wore a Prada suit with a black tie instead -- The two appeared dashing during the premiere, but Holland shares something particularly important with his character: the desire for privacy for what concerns his relationship.

The two met back when Zendaya auditioned for Spider-Man: Homecoming and after speculations about them dating in 2017, the actress clarified they were just friends in an interview with Variety. But it's only this past July that the two were caught kissing in an Audi driven by Holland. From that moment on, their relationship became official to the world.

The entire cast looked happier than ever at the premiere and the official Twitter page captioned the following:

"Here's the serotonin boost you've been looking for."

If you want to get more serotonin from the cast members, relive all the emotions of the trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home down below, before it's officially released in theaters this Friday, December 17th.

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