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In the midst of quarantine, you can add another series to your watchlist!

Central Park, the newest show coming to Apple TV Plus, is an animated musical comedy series with EPs Loren Bouchard, Josh Gad and Nora Smith at the helm. The series chronicles a family living in a castle inside the world famous Central Park. The father, played by Leslie Odom Jr., is the park's manager and works with his family to fend off billionaire hotel heiress Bitsey Bradenham and her assistant Helen from developing the park. We spoke with the voices behind Bitsey and Helen, Stanley Tucci and Daveed Diggs for a sneak peek at the series.

Playing A Villain In An Animated Musical Comedy

Playing a villainous character in an otherwise comedic and upbeat show may seem like a juxtaposition. But for Stanley Tucci, playing Bitsey is a dream come true.

"It's like you're a kid again and pretending to be the bad guy, but nobody can see you act!"

Broadway And TV Collide For Daveed Diggs 

Daveed Diggs is no stranger to Broadway and TV fans alike, but he is now bringing the two worlds together for Central Park. Daveed tells us why he's already a huge fan of the show:

"It's really fast, it's really funny, the writing is great, and the music is unlike anything you have ever heard before...I am such a fan of the show. I would recommend it to anybody. If I were not in it, I would watch it as if I'm not in it.'

Daveed goes on to explain why the show is premiering at the perfect time for New York amid the coronavirus pandemic:

"It's so cool to be apart of something that is so New York, particularly at a time when I think New York is hard hit right now. I hope this brings a little happiness, life, familiarity, and a reminder of what New York is really about."

Check out Central Park when it hits Apple TV Plus on May 29th.

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