From the Heart: Star Jones

Celebrities give soundbites from the red carpet all the time, but Star Jones delivered one that women should take to heart, literally, at the American Heart Association's Red Dress Collection fashion show.

“After open heart surgery, I called the American Heart Association and said ‘There’s another face to heart disease. It’s not an old white guy’s disease; it’s a woman’s disease, and we need to raise awareness with women.’”

The star has made it a mission to inspire women to educate themselves about heart disease, which kills more women each year than all cancers combined.

“One in three women will die from heart disease. That is a statistic that should scare all women, but it shouldn’t scare you enough not to act.”

High blood pressure is the second leading cause of preventable heart disease and stroke death. It is known as the silent killer because there are often no symptoms. As such, routine checkups are the best defense.

“One of the most important things you can do for your heart health as a women is to get your numbers checked. When you have those numbers, you can then go into your doctor’s office and you can ask the questions that are necessary to put you on the path to heart health.”

Fortunately, CVS Health is helping women know their numbers with no-cost screenings every Thursday in February at minute-clinics nationwide.

With high blood pressure rates expected to double among women under 45 years old, it's a good idea to get your numbers early and often.

Go Red in February

Stars and heart disease survivors come together to support the Red Dress Collection and American Heart Association's Go Red for Women, and it's easy for you to get involved and show your support.

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