Steve Carrell in ‘Welcome to Marwen’

Steve Carell leads a powerful ensemble in the new drama, ‘Welcome to Marwen.’ The film is based off the true story of survivor Mark Hogancamp that has previously gained attention from the documentary, ‘Marwencol.’

“I thought if there was a way to make it into a more cinematic version of itself without losing the essence of what was so important about the documentary, it’d be really fascinating.” – Steve Carell

Starring alongside Carell is Leslie Mann. The actress was fascinated with the performance capture process that transformed the cast into miniature, doll versions of themselves.

“This movie feels like nothing I’ve ever seen before.” -Leslie Mann

In the film, Carell’s character creates a miniature town which he uses to deal with his diminished memory following a brutal beating. Diane Kruger, starring as Deja Thoris, discussed the importance of art as a form of therapy within the film.

“To have a man that’s going through such a traumatic time and turning it into something positive through art.” – Diane Kruger

You’re welcome to visit Marwen in theaters December 21st!