In order for social distancing and movie watching to be effective, many have resorted to drive-in theaters this summer. But what if we want to experience walking-through haunted houses? Stranger Things and Netflix are ahead of the game.

A Drive-Into Experience

This October, Netflix and event curators Fever and Secret Cinema will open up a Stranger Things themed drive-into experience for fans to try out. Almost like a fast-food drive through, except one hour long, this experience will allow fans to stay in their car and drive through what looks like a Stranger Things set, featuring actors playing characters from the show. The drive-into will bring fans into locations famous from the show's third season. The drive-into shows the town of Hawkins and its Starcourt Mall, the Russian labs seen in the show, and, of course, the mysterious Upside Down.

Located in DTLA

The event will take place throughout October in downtown Los Angeles. Tickets will be $59 per car, available starting August 26th at 12 PM PT. Fans can head over to the official Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience website.

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