The critically acclaimed comedy-drama Succession starring Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin will air its Season 3 premiere the in Fall of 2021.

Succession follows the lives of the exceptionally wealthy yet dysfunctional Roy family, who own a media empire company, the fictional WayStar RoyCo. The premise covered themes of power dynamics and coping with loss of family.

Succession won an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 2019, the same year the most recent episode was aired. Like many other TV shows, Succession's production was put on hold in 2020 due to the pandemic.

In terms of season three, the plot is described as: "Ambushed by his rebellious son Kendall at the end of Season 2, Logan Roy begins Season 3 in a perilous position. Scrambling to secure familial, political, and financial alliances, tensions rise as a bitter corporate battle threatens to turn into a family civil war." Guest stars for the Season 3 cast are reported to be Adrian Brody and Alexander Skarsgard.

Fans are still eagerly waiting on a trailer.

In an interview with British newspaper The Times, executive producer Georgia Pritchett revealed that the show will be five seasons maximum, making sure it goes out with a bang. "I think the maximum would be five seasons, but possibly more like four." She said. "We're at the end of filming season three, so at this point Jesse is saying only one more. But that happens every time. We've got a good end in sight."

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