Summertime | Simplified with Josh McBride

It's HOT! How do you stay cool and still have fun during summer heatwaves? We break it all down in this week's Simplified episode about Summertime!

Summer is here and it's timing could not be more perfect? But how is it possible to enjoy the summer while also wearing a mask that makes you drip sweat and cause acne around your chin and cheeks?! Have you thought about hosting a socially distanced barbeque backyard bonanza? Doesn't that sound lovely? I added the bonanza to make it seem more chic despite only three people being able to attend.

Park some lawn chairs- six feet apart of course- and roast some weenies or some burgers and maybe wash them down with your favorite beverage of your choice. If you're lucky enough to have some lawn space- take advantage of it! If not- head to your local park and take over an area to celebrate with an obnoxious sized towel or blanket so no one else can get near you.

If you love being outside in the summer like so many do and still upset about not having your barbell and squat rack at the gym, try finding local hills or mountains that you can hike on. Sure it may not be 50 pound bicep curl or your normal 30 pound dumbbell shoulder press, it will still put you outside and attempt to get you in touch with nature.

And if you can't make it to a mountain or hill and don't have any dirty rusty weights in your garage like my dad did and never used, a simple walk will maybe do the trick. Probably not but hey it is a start and gets you off the couch.

And don't forget probably the most important thing about summer. SPF or as most of you know it as, sunscreen. The putrid bottle that my mother would throw into my bag before going off to day camp that I HATED the smell of. Not to mention I was way embarrassed about having a little girls butt show on the bottle and realizing that every time I used it, and jump in the pool, it would ferociously sting my eyes to a point of no return. But, times have changed. And now there is spray sunscreen that glides on, doesn't get in your eyes, and is held in bottles where no butts are being shown. SPF is a must have in all months of the year but specifically because its anti-wrinkles in a bottle. There are obviously hundreds of sunscreens out there and we here at simplified, we love Neutrogena's sunscreen. They have some great options from lotions to sprays to sticks for kids and adults to keep your skin as beautiful as it was for all of quarantine when no one saw it.

Another idea that seems to be a major trend this summer is getting a mini blow up outdoor pool to throw on your patio or front yard. We know you may not be used to hearing "pool" after "blow up," but this is a great way to say cool in the warm heat.

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