Wanye’s World - Wayne and Garth are Back | Uber Eats

Before Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes face off in Super Bowl LV, we're obsessing over Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reuniting in an excellent commercial for Uber Eats.

What started as a skit on SNL about two metalheads making a public access TV show in their basement became a blockbuster movie franchise for Myers and Carvey, remaining a fixture in pop culture even thirty years after the original films premiere.

In the ad, although brief, we see the iconic duo hit on some of their signature catchphrases, in the ironically unfunny style that made Wayne's World a staple in comedy.

Myers is best known for being the driving force behind several multimillion and sometimes billion dollar movie franchises, including Austin Powers, Shrek, and, of course, Wayne's World. Carvey is a former SNL cast member best known for his work in films such as The Master of Disguise, as well as a successful career in stand up.

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