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You know Suraj from his famous roles on Homeland, God Friended Me and Life Of Pi. Now, the star is playing a relatable and powerful role as an immigrant hoping to make his dreams come true in America.

Suraj Sharma's Latest Film 🎬

It's a story, as old as America itself... an immigrant from abroad, coming to America, to pursue their passion.

All too often, however, the dream turns into a nightmare when things don't go as planned.

In The Illegal, Suraj Sharma plays an aspiring director who moves to the US from India.

"It hit home with me, because this guy is a kid from Delhi who came to the US to make movies and to study filmmaking. That's exactly what I did," Sharma said.

Like so many immigrants, he finds himself exploited and taken advantage of, because of his desperate situation.

"Most dreamers... things don't go as smoothly as they hope, or as they wish. He comes to terms with the reality he faces and the struggles that he's going to go through to finally achieve his dreams. These are the humans that are going through this. They are like you and me. They go through the normal struggles of life," Sharma said.

The Illegal is available now on VOD and digital.

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