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Correspondent Rachel Smith sat down with filmmaker Chloé Zhao to discuss her film Nomadland and the wild success it has brought her.

Zhao has already won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director of a Motion Picture, but she is not stopping there. The filmmaker has already made history just by being the first ever women of color to be nominated for Best Director for the Oscars.

Correspondent Rachel Smith asked the director how it feels to get such widespread recognition with her work for Nomadland. Zhao said:

"Yeah, I mean, it takes a village, you know, and I have such an incredible team who works so hard, and it's really great that everyone's getting their recognition."

The Oscars also make history this year just by nominating two women in the directing category. Nominated alongside Zhao is Emerald Fennell, nominated for her critically acclaimed movie Promising Young Woman.

Zhao and the other female filmmakers who have taken the spotlight this year make them an inspiration to a whole new generation of girls. We asked Zhao what message she wants to give young girls who may look up to her:

"I think the most important thing is to stay true to who you are because who you are is good enough. You know, don't try to fit into what you think the business might want, because who you are as a young girl- that is the story we want to hear."

Find out if Zhao will make even more history at the 93rd Academy Awards this Sunday, April 25 at 8p.

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