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Tatyana Ali is raising awareness for women of color both on and off screen.

Tatyana Ali is putting double the effort into Lifetime's newest thriller Vanished: Searching For My Sister, where she plays the role of twins Kayla and Jada.

The film is based on a true story, as one of the twins, Kayla goes missing. Her sister, Jada, struggles to get the police and those around her to take her sister's case seriously... so she sets out to discover the truth on her own.

The story personally resonated with Ali since it highlighted the reality of missing people and the inequality for women of color.

"When black women, black girls, black children, go missing... not a lot of resources are put into finding them," Ali said.

Aside from her busy schedule as an actress and mom, Ali is a prominent women's health advocate. She is competing on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune this weekend to raise money for the cause.

"There's a school in Florida. They are training midwives of color, community midwives, to be able to go out into the country and give women the respectful, culturally competent care that they deserve."

A true star, Tatyana Ali continues to inspire many women to be the best version of themselves.

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