Everyone loves a good three peat. Kobe and Shaq, the 90s Bulls, and now, Taylor Swift. Last night, she became the fourth person and first woman to have three wins in the album of the year category at the Grammys.

A Big Win

Taylor's fairytale quarantine album folklore was turning heads all year long, and it was no real surprise to anyone when she took home the Grammy, especially after being dubbed artist of the decade at the American Music Awards a couple years ago. This is just another trophy on an already crowded rack for Taylor.

In Some Esteemed Company

The people Taylor holds this record with are nothing to scoff at, either. You might be thinking, what kind of artist can win Album of the Year three times? Try Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, and Frank Sinatra. We've got a woman up there with the "big boys" now, and we're really all just waiting for her to take that #1 spot. Congrats Taylor!

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