Taylor Swift


In her mission to gain control over her music and legacy after failing to win the rights to her early music, Taylor Swift has released her first entirely re-recorded album, Fearless (Taylor's Version)- and it's safe to say it's a hit once again.

The singer song-writer has re-recorded the iconic 2008 album which earned Taylor her first GRAMMYs Album of the Year award.

Taylor Swift on Twitter

The album includes all 13 songs released on the original LP, six more tracks from the album's platinum edition, as well as six "From The Vault" tracks- songs she wrote that didn't make the cut in 2008 with the album's original drop.

The album proceeds multiple singles Taylor dropped ahead of the release, including "You All Over Me" which is a vault track released a few weeks ago that features country-pop singer Maren Morris. Taylor also re-released the original album's hit single, "Love Story," back in February.

The album, unsurprisingly, already has topped charts in less than 12 hours:

One vault song "That's When" features country artist Keith Urban, who shared his excitement for the album onto socials late last night:

And, of course, Swifties everywhere have a lot to say about the album.

It's safe to say everyone has all the feels today- in the best way possible. It's just another day we can thank Taylor Swift for brightening up our lives with her music!

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