'The Good Place' is ending, and it feels like we're in The Bad Place!

The Good Place is ending after the fourth season, and many fans feel like their brains are making the sound of a fork going through a garbage disposal.

Written by Michael Schur, the show tackles morality and ethics through Chidi Anagonye (played by William Jackson Harper), a professor seeking to teach Eleanor (Kristen Bell) philosophy to help her get to the "good place." We also see these ethics through Michael (Ted Danson) applying 'The Trolley Problem' by sacrificing himself for Eleanor as he becomes more human.

Since the news broke that the next season is unfortunately the last, celebrities took to social media to sing the show's praises. Lin-Manuel Miranda even referenced The Good Place in response to a history class' act of kindness towards their teacher!

This cleverly written show has plot twists that keep the audience on their toes, with a refreshing sense of humor and gut-wrenching scenes. Who else remembers Eleanor (Kristen Bell) getting emotional with Michael about her mother? The Good Place has everything to offer and then some, continuing to promote good messages to a diverse audience about morality and ethics. Our Arthur Kade is chatting with star Ted Danson to discuss the show.

"...Love it. We have twelve year-olds and parents coming up and really enjoying it. So I think it's the level of the conversation that makes it special..." Ted Danson comments on the age-diversity of The Good Place's audience.

Not to mention, the show subverts the expectations of sitcoms with a prevalent plot and heavy continuity. The ethics Chidi teaches is what binds every aspect of this story together. All these moving parts proves this show has brilliant storytelling!

Ted Danson continues about morality on The Good Place, "It's like this ethical conversation that is wrapped in a nine year-old fart sense of humor, and it has visual magic in it, so you know you're in a different world."



Ted Danson's career has evolved over time, alongside the evolution of television as we know it. There are hundreds of options for channels and television shows to watch, which could make someone like Chidi freeze in indecision. Hopefully shows like The Good Place will continue to grab everyone's attention and promote good messages.



Be sure to check out season 4 of The Good Place when it airs September 26th on NBC!

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