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It's another goal!

Following the massive success of its first season, which garnered a record-breaking 20 Emmy nominations, Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso is back with brand new episodes.

The comedy, led by Jason Sudeikis, follows Ted Lasso as he moves to the UK to manage a struggling U.K. soccer team.

The show's first season was released on Apple's streaming service last August, with audiences immediately taking to the show's positive messaging.

"Who knew that that would be such a tonic for everyone stuck in their houses and feeling like the world was closing in? Just incredible," Hannah Waddingham said.

While the first season was largely comedic, Brendan Hunt teased the second season's introspective messages.

"Characters, conflicts, and obstacles this season are a little more internal than they might have been in season one. We've already pictured a three-season arc. This is the 'Empire Strikes Back' part of the trilogy. People are going to their cave more," Hunt said.

Actor Phil Dunster who portrays top soccer player, Jamie Tartt, also gave a sneak peek on what's in store in upcoming episodes.

"There are more lessons to be learned, and there are new characters coming in as well. We see a sports psychologist come in. She's a perfect way to try and get into the psyche of these young men," Dunster said.

Despite being about a soccer team, some of the show's most dynamic characters are those off the field, like Keely Jones, played by Juno Temple.

Jones is now in charge of marketing for the team and is also the girlfriend of the soccer team's former captain, Roy Kent.

"[Keely] truly saved my life in certain aspects. She really helped me be kinder to myself in a time when I was being pretty cruel to myself. What do I think fans can expect? Just to watch these characters blossom but in a very human way," Temple said.

Brett Goldstein, who's a star and producer of the show, echoed a similar sentiment about returning for a second season.

"In terms of coming back for season two, it was a delight to come and see everyone again and to play these characters again," Goldstein said.

If fans love the second season as much as the first, it seems fairly guaranteed that a third season will be on its way.

"If you can trust that season one was so beautiful, trust that seasons two and three will be masterpieces," Waddingham said.

The second season of Ted Lasso is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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