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Bachelor Recap: The Mean Girls Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Last night's episode of 'The Bachelor' called out the bullying within the home, intimate one on ones, and screaming matches that have fans everywhere passionately rooting for their favorite girls.

The bullying culture of the Bachelor estate was finally dealt with by Matt himself, confronting the issues head on. Fans saw two of the perpetrators sent home this week and are sighing with relief.

Anna and Queen Victoria Are Sent Home

Two of the house's biggest bullies, Victoria and Anna, were eliminated during last night'e episode of The Bachelor.

Watch Anna Sent Home

After Anna's "Let's all bully Brittany" campaign last week, her actions came back to bite her.

Matt addresses the toxic environment of the home stating,

"There's a mob mentality with the old women and the new women. This 'us vs. them,' really a culture of bullying. I also wanted to address some rumors that were floating around that could potentially ruin someone's life. If you're having to belittle someone else for you to shine then those aren't the qualities I'm looking for in my wife."

Matt is referring to the rumors Anna spread in last week's episode about Brittany being an escort and publicly confronting her about it. Ultimately, her assumptions sent her home last night.

Drama Queen is Eliminated

New girl Ryan spoke to Matt about how she feels as though Victoria has maliciously harassed her during her time in the home.

With this episode being dedicated to dealing with the drama of the house, Matt decided to eliminate Victoria, the girl who continuously spoke badly about the other girls and fans are relieved.

Rachael and Matt Are Getting Serious

Rachael and Matt go on a fun one-on-one shopping date during last night's episode that ends with the two revealing that they feel as though they're falling in love.

This confession marks the first "I'm falling in love with you" of a season destined for more of these proclamations.

Kit Also Gets a One-On-One

Kit also had a one-on-one with Matt where she received a rose after their intimate stay-at-home date.

Abigail Reveals Insecurities

Abigail and Matt have a heartfelt discussion on Abigail's intense insecurity on giving birth to deaf children, due to her condition. Abigail then confronts Matt on the fact that she was awarded the first impression rose, but pushed to the back burner since.

Abigail's conversation with Matt got her the group date rose in the end.

MJ and Jessenia's Rivalry Peaks

After Jessenia awares Matt of MJ's role in the bullying of the new girls, Jessenia and MJ have a heated discussion on the topic with MJ furious that Jessenia put her character into question and Jessenia preaching MJ's actions put her in the position she's in.

What Week 6 Holds

Just when you thought the drama was "dealt" with, the week six teaser introduces at least three new prominent issues.

Serena C. and Katie get into a screaming match, Tyler Cameron returns to help Matt along his journey, and Matt's old love interest Heather Martin returns to shake things up.

Week six of The Bachelor premieres Monday February 8 on ABC.

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