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'The Bachelor: Women Tell All' Highlights

Recapping the most dramatic special in Bachelor history.

After a drama-packed season, the women of The Bachelor sat down for a Tell All special--and it got spicy!

The women were ready to address Bachelor Clayton's behavior, but seemed even more excited to confront the season's biggest pot-stirrer: Shanae. Those expecting an apology from Shanae were disappointed; She even rescinded her previous apology for crashing a group date, saying:

"I didn't want to apologize. I was there for Clayton. I like Clayton. He asked me to apologize and it meant a lot to him, so I did!"

Shanae then went on to address her friendship with Elizabeth, and how their friendship took a "dark turn" early on.

"Elizabeth and I were friends on day one. Day two, it was night and day with our friendship. It went downhill from there. She was toxic, she ignored me, she wasn't acknowledging me. If you want to be all of those things, that's fine! But don't call me your friend. Don't lie about it."

Elizabeth responded,

"If that is what you consider intimacy, I can understand why you've been so confused up to this point in your life."

It wasn't all about Shanae, however, as two of the eliminated women defended themselves for their exits this season. Claire, who "hated" Clayton hours after being introduced, was kicked out the mansion before the first rose ceremony.

She said,

"He was entirely too soft for me. I need somebody that has some edge to them, that can handle me. He was not for me!"

Cassidy also got the chance to defend herself after being accused of having a relationship back home. Clayton sent her home after he learned of her "friend with benefits," to which she claimed,

"I didn't have a boyfriend. I didn't have a relationship! Why would I cut off casual sex for a man that I've literally never heard speak before? No matter how you try and spin it or say which part of it was the problem, the root of the problem that got us there was that someone thought it was wrong that I had casual sex with someone before coming on The Bachelor."

For more juicy drama, catch the next episode of the Bachelor Tuesday, March 8 at 8p.m. EST on ABC.

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