'The Bachelorette' Ep. 2 Recap

It's only the second episode of The Bachelorette, and things are already getting spicy!

Clare kicked off the week with two group dates. But even with a group of men surrounding her, Clare still zeroed in on Dale. It looks like her earlier declaration that Dale is her "husband" might not be too far off!

The first group date was all about love languages, and Clare was able to see how each of the men express words of affirmation, touch and gift giving. It seemed like everything was going smoothly until the night portion of the date, when no one stood up to talk to Clare. To be fair, Clare gave a brief toast and assumed the men would "whisk" her away after. And when that didn't happen, she grew angry. Clare said:

"Does anyone want to hangout with me?"

The reaction seemed to be a little intense, but even so, the men all apologized, and they went on with the rest of their night. Dale and Clare's connection seemed to skyrocket, but it didn't keep Riley from getting the group date rose!

The second group date was a bit spicier... It called for strip dodgeball. The winners won a group date with Clare and the losers lost... their clothes (and dignity.) In the end, the blue team took home the W. Blake decided to ignore the rules of the game and attend the night portion of the date, even though he was on the losing team. Clare said that she appreciated that he showed up, yet dodged a kiss from him. Yikes!

And last but not least, what's a Bachelorette episode without a one-on-one? Clare asked Jason to write a letter to his younger self, and they "purged" their past trauma by a bonfire. (How cathartic.)

Other note-worthy moments, Clare suddenly sent Brandon home. He claimed that he joined the specifically for Clare, but couldn't share even one thing he liked about her besides her looks.

The competition is definitely heating up! Tune into The Bachelorette Tuesdays on ABC.

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