Katie Thurston

Week five of ABC's The Bachelorette was jam-packed with Blake moving in, a battle for a group date, and a heated argument among contestants.

1. Blake and Katie Connect

Following his late arrival and subsequent move into the house, Blake and Katie had a one-on-one date where the two connected with a horseback ride and shared their first kiss.

After this excursion, the two shared a romantic dinner where Blake inquired Katie about her sex-positive stance and outspokenness. The evening concluded with American Idol winner Laine Hardy serenading Blake and Katie as they danced.

2. Group Date Competition

This week's group date competition was an all-out battle for Katie's affection. The men competed in a rugby and basketball-style game called The Bachelorette's Bash Ball Battle. The game ended with Katie allowing both the winning and losing teams to attend the afterparty.

3. Andrew S. and Katie Talk

At this week's group date, Andrew S. talked to Katie about interracial dating. In the conversation, Andrew S. discussed a previous relationship where his ex voiced concerns about potential discrimination regarding their relationship. Following a dip in the hot tub, Katie presents Andrew with a rose.

4. Hunter Argues with Tre and Aaron

Before the episode's rose ceremony, Hunter, who was given the group date rose, is confronted by Tre and Aaron over hogging Katie at the cocktail party even though he already had safety for the week.

At the ceremony, all men except for Andrew M., Josh, and Quartney were given roses.

Coming Up...

Tune in next Monday at 8 p.m. to see who is safe and who goes home.

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