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Season 17 of The Bachelorette kicked off to an exciting start this week, where Katie whittles down her contenders from seven to four lucky men.

Bank marketing manager and former season 25 The Bachelor contestant Katie Thurston has proven to be a fan favorite, signaling her return for The Bachelorette season 17. On June 7th, she started off with 30 men, and after various group and individual dates, cocktail parties, intense conflicts, and heartwarming conversations, Katie managed to whittle her way down to seven hopeful contenders.

After a wild sixth week with Drag Queens, fake weddings, and vulnerable moments, Katie decided to send Aaron, Hunter, James, and Tre home. Meaning for this week, we were left with Mike P, Mike A, Greg, Andrew, Brendan, Blake, and Justin. Katie is getting closer and close to narrowing her options down to that special someone.

1. Rather Raunchy Painting Session

The group creates particularly suggestive works of art modeled after the muse that is Katie herself, much to her amusement (or disgust). While Justin considers himself to be a true artist, the others don't seem to take themselves as seriously. Michael A creates an anatomically correct sculpture while Blake's piece is too obscene to be seen onscreen.

2. Un-comfy Cuddling Session

Physical touch must be Mike P's love language. Things get super awkward during an intimate date where the two hire a professional cuddler and are coached through various poses. The date takes place in the woods where they change into casual, all white gear. Nervous laughter ensues, which is not necessarily a good thing. To top things off, Mike P unwisely compares Katie to his mother multiple times.

Things Get Real Between Katie and Greg

Family means a lot to Greg, as he tells Katie how excited he is for her to meet his. He then convincingly tells her he's falling in love with her, as she reciprocates his feelings by talking about their future together. She gives him another rose, and the two then share a passionate (and very long) kiss in the artificial rain.

Is This The Last We'll See of Andrew?

At the end, we had to say goodbye to Brendan, Mike P, and Andrew. Andrew takes it well, but leaves her a note so heartfelt that Katie sprints down the stairs to catch him. But just when it seems like Katie might have changed her mind, Andrew ultimately ends up choosing himself, not wanting to be second choice and accepting closure.

Unsurprisingly, Katie hands out roses to Blake, Justin, Michael A, and Greg.

Looks like Katie Thurston is one step closer to finding her husband.

Next Episode Preview

Tune in next week for some hard hitting emotions. Greg and Katie's relationship heats up as she prepares to meet his family for the hometown dates. During the Men Tell All, flared arguments ensue over who gets Katie's love.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays 8pm EST on ABC.

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