The Backstreet Boys are wrapping up their Las Vegas residency and are gearing up to hit the road for their world tour! But first, they’re giving back to the community and cementing themselves in Vegas history!

Celebrity Page correspondent Rachel Smith joins the Backstreet Boys to celebrate their record-breaking two-year residency.

Las Vegas

Nick Carter opens the ceremony by thanking the city of Las Vegas on behalf of the band:

“This city has given the Backstreet Boys so much. We owe everything to you. You have brought us back again.”

The Boys & Girls Clubs Surprise the Backstreet Boys!

The band is putting their money where their mouths are: a dollar of every show ticket sold at Planet Hollywood are going to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada.

“It’s such a great organization, and for us to be able to give back and support a cause that’s really close and dear to our hearts really just means a lot to us,” says band member Howie Dorough.

It turns out the children of the Boys & Girls Clubs have been practicing their moves, and surprise the guys with a show of their own! The young performers finish to an applause from the crowd, hugs from the band, and even a playful offer to take over for them that night!

Backstreet Boys

Kevin Richardson says that the band sees themselves in the children and that they are glad to be giving back to the community.

“There’s nothing more precious than a child,” Richardson says.

Richardson calls himself and his bandmates “living proof that if you work hard and dream big enough, anything can happen.”

Addressing the crowd, the Backstreet Boys announce that they are donating $180,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada.

Las Vegas

A Lasting Impression

Before they hit the road to embark on their world tour, the Backstreet Boys put their handprints in cement to commemorate their time in Vegas.

What the Backstreet Boys have done for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada has no doubt left a permanent impression!

Backstreet Boys

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