Solar Opposites

Hulu originals just don't get the same love as Netflix originals. While certain works like The Handmaid's Tale have gained prominence and acclaim, many of the originals from the streaming giant fly under the radar in favor of their acquired content. But no more! Here's the best originals Hulu has to offer.

Solar Opposites

This cartoon was made by Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland, which is should be enough of a hook to get you to watch anyways.

But this show manages to create the same feel of Rick and Morty while branching out to an entirely different concept. The humor is similar, as is the insane science, but the characters and plot are extremely different.

Four aliens who crash land on Earth are now posing as a family while they repair their spaceship. One of them is an emotionless supergenius, two are assassins, and one really likes television.

But the setting created by Roiland has allowed his brilliant mind to cast an objective look at humanity from an outside perspective, as these aliens choose to either adapt or reject the human condition. It's not exactly his calling card show, but Roiland brings his distinctive critical eye to Hulu with Solar Opposites.

I Am Greta

On a personal note, I was very hesitant to watch I Am Greta. Not because I didn't think director Nathan Grossman would do the amazing job he did, or that Greta doesn't have an incredible story to tell. I just dislike when documentaries come out about things that are still happening. I see documentary as a reflection piece, and to tell an ongoing story in documentary format just felt wrong to me.

But Greta doesn't tell an ongoing saga. It tells the first chapter in what will undoubtedly continue to be an incredible life. From a one woman climate protest outside Swedish parliament to literally going across the Atlantic on a wind powered ship, what climate deniers would call a "little girl" is a truly extraordinary woman. And her story is one worth hearing again, and again, and again.


Letterkenny is an exercise in absurdism, and a fun one at that. It runs akin to Trailer Park Boys while keeping its own unique sense of humor and style.

The story of a small town run by three rival gangs, who often end their disagreements with fistfights, Letterkenny is delightfully refreshing. One gets the sense that they didn't try very hard when making this show, and that's a compliment. The comedy is effortless, and the original low budget seasons carry just as much comedy and weight as the Hulu produced season nine.

Palm Springs

Everything Andy Samberg touches is gold. From SNL to The Lonely Island to Brooklyn 99, he's yet to make anything quantifiably bad. Palm Springs is no exception. For more detail, check out our review of the film, but suffice it to say this movie is funny, delightful and charming.

Steven Spielberg Presents: Animaniacs

While obviously Animaniacs isn't exactly created by Hulu, producer Steven Spielberg's reboot of the classic animated series on the streaming platform is refreshing and a callback to childhood in all the best ways. It has the uncanny ability held by select childrens shows, namely Spongebob, to make both adults and children laugh.

It's everything you loved about childhood in some new wrapping paper.

Little Fires Everywhere

A story of class, race, and gender difference, Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere is perhaps the best the streaming service has to offer.

Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon deliver some of the best performances of their career in this complex, layered story that takes everything wrong with America and shoves it together in a giant beautiful mess.

The Act

The story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard will leave you dumbfounded, just as to how Dee Dee Blanchard got away with this abuse. Is Dee Dee solely at fault, or is her mental illness to blame? Is Gypsy justified in her actions? Was the end result fair? Did anyone win? That's up to you.


Cringe comedy is not for everyone, but if it's for you, check out PEN15. It has a Step Brothers esque quality in that the comedy comes from the actions and thoughts of small children coming from grown women, and the discomfort therein.

Hulu has been touting this show big time, and it's not without reason.

Normal People

A classic poor/rich love story with a twist, Normal People is the story of two people with nothing in common fated to keep finding each other. It's an endearing and fun love story that anyone can enjoy.

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