Billie Eilish


Yesterday, "Bad Guy" singer Billie Eilish was trending on twitter after she was photographed stepping out of the house in a form fitting outfit.

A few men were making criticisms over the singer's post-quarantine body but the internet was quick to call out the toxic behavior. Many women stepped up to point out that no man has any business sharing their opinion of a woman's body...let alone an 18 year-old.

In the past, Eilish has pointed out her choice of baggy clothing comes from a desire to avoid being sexualized from the entertainment industry.

Billie Eilish had done things her way when it comes to fashion and doing so has made her one of the most stylish to ever grace red carpets.

Here's a style guide to how you can incorporate some Billie Eilish into your next look!

Hair, of course

Billie Eilish is known for her bold green roots and shoulder length hair. Whether or not you think you can pull off the exact look, you shouldn't be so afraid to make a bold choice. Eilish wears a bold choice every day on top of her head.

Color, and lots of it!

Easy way to be bold, show of some color. Eilish is known for being drawn to neons while tastefully complimenting them with neutrals. She most often goes bold in bright yellows and greens.

Fresh nails

You can't hold all six of your Grammy Awards without a nice set of nails! Eilish likes them long, bold, yet complimentary to the outfit. The priority here is not always function.

Sultry shades

If it isn't clear already, Eilish has a sweet spot for Gucci in particular. She's got a pair of the designer shades to go with every outfit. Make them chunky, dark, and mysterious.

Unique shape

As stated before, Eilish isn't going for the hourglass silhouette that so many in Hollywood desire. Rather, she likes to use her layers to build her own shape. Often time, she goes for a boxy, oversized shape that has now become a staple to her looks.

Oh, and don't forget: chunky sneakers.

Will you be incorporating any of these fashion tips into your next outfit? Let us know and forget to share your Billie Eilish channeled looks with us!

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