The Bold and The Beautiful


Production on several television shows has been halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that the country is opening back up, Hollywood is as well, but is it opening too soon? Popular soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful is taking another hiatus just a day after resuming production.

Being Cautious On Set During Covid-19

After returning to set on June 17th, The Bold and The Beautiful is taking another hiatus to enforce new COVID-19 testing protocol. The show has been following strict rules and regulations set by Hollywood guilds and unions, as well as the city of Los Angeles.

While CBS has not disclosed new modifications, the previous guidelines included mandatory COVID-19 testing, shorter work days with varying call times, and limited occupancy on set. The show has also hired a COVID-19 coordinator to be on set at all times to promote the safety of cast and crew members.

No air date has been set yet for new episodes, but the cast and crew of The Bold and The Beautiful are set to return for production on June 23rd.

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