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The second season of Amazon Prime Video's Homecoming has finally arrived! This time around, the suspense and drama far outweighs that of the last season. Once Julia Roberts departed the show after the first season, star Janelle Monáe has taken the reins. Chris Cooper is also a newcomer to the series, while Hong Chau and Stephan James make their return.

Janelle Monáe On Expectations For Season 2

Celebrity Page correspondent Rachel Smith spoke with Monáe about playing Jackie in Homecoming and why the show is so enjoyable for her and fans alike. Monáe describes her character as "mysterious" and "interesting", and hopes that fans enjoy the show as much as she does, saying:

"I love how short the episodes are, how bingeable they are, and how it just keeps you on the edge of your seat."

Homecoming Season 2 Welcomes Back Stephan James

Golden Globe nominee Stephan James returns as Walter in the second season of Homecoming and tells fans what to expect from the show this time around, saying:

"Hopefully people are keen for some new information... Homecoming season 2 has a lot of that."

James goes on to express how "spoiled" he feels for being able to work alongside actresses Julia Roberts and Janelle Monáe in this show. He considers himself to be "the luckiest young actor in Hollywood."

Chris Cooper Joins The Star Studded Cast

Chris Cooper


As another prominent newcomer to the show, Oscar winner Chris Cooper plays Leonard and gushes about his admiration for the series. He goes on to explain:

"Having watched the first season, there was so many things I liked about it. I liked the half hour and four minute drama, pace, story, the acting, and soundtrack."

Homecoming Season 2 is now available for binge-watching on Amazon Prime Video!

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